Project__Strategic Design | SS 2017 
Team__Anna Foltinek, Jospehine Rais, Lea Schwegler
Consulting__Prof. Nicole Reichert
University__HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Tags__Future Concept, UX, Product Deisgn, Art Direction

fuse – ultrasonic experience

The project framework was defined by the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award ‘Design for a seamless life‘ in the future household. Ultrasonic technology has so far been used in industry and premium dining. Our challenge was to give the end consumer acces to its sigificant advantages. The final product is a home appliance designed for the future kitchen. It pursues the goal of gentle, efficient, healthy and aromatic preparation of liquid-based foods. The use of ultrasound technology brings exclusive products and intesive taste sensations home.


Ultrasound allows to extract and refine armoas, emulsify liquids and to fermentate food. The theoretical research was conducted at a manufacturer for industrial equipment with ultrasound technology. Kitchen and living room became one. The use of home devices is no longer limited only to the kitchen environment. Presentation and entertainment in all living spaces is requested. To guarantee optimal service the cooking process was considered holistically.

        In a sprint week, first assumptions and rough concepts were prototyped and tested. It turned out, that user want to experiement with a new technology and enjoy flexibility. Another key factor was the strategic planning (Business Model Canvas, Road Map, finance...) of the product as a fictional startup.



The fuse is a kitchen appliance for the efficient, healthy and gentle preparation of food and the production of intense taste sensations. A sensor inside analyzes the content and proposes suitable options for the user. The components and various attachments can be easily connected by a rotary motion. The product and service are implemented prototypically.
        Furthermore I’ve been responsible for communicating the product. Besides designing a logo I planned and realized two movies: a teaser video which should show the use in context and a product video which conveys its functionality and the interaction with the device. The experience of sound in the kitchen should move in the fore. Using it in the videos as a dominant effect should stimulate the users senses and appetite. Therefore I took a course for Sound Design.

How can we give the consumer acces to ultrasound technology?


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