Project__ audio visualisation | SS–2014
Team__ Roberto Lorenzon, Ivana Melillo, Lea Schwegler
Consulting__ Prof. Michael Götte, Veldana Sehic
University__ HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Tags__ Audio Visual Design, Installation, Animation
Pantha du Prince: Suzan

Since ever music had been a great passion to me. This fun project was about translating music into audiovisual aesthetics. Berlin based musician Pantha du Prince experimental song ‘Suzan’ was visualised by using animated white lines projected onto a room installation with transparent foils.

To fully understand how the soundtrack is assembled, we analysed all interacting components and assign a visually interpreted assembly kit to the auditive language. Once we analysed the music and interpreted its language into visual forms, we were able to translate the parameters into a corresponding language. The result was an abstract animation, which works only with lines and was projected onto transparent foils in a room installation.

︎my project partner ivana and me having fun building the installation



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