Project__ Angewandte Gestaltung | SS–2016
Team__Dimitra Constantinidou, Lea Schwegler
Consulting__ Prof. Michael Götte, Prof. Hans Krämer
University__HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Collaboration__ Kinderwunschzentrum Stuttgart
Tags__ UX Concept, Service Design, Visual Identity

Health Care Service: Infertility

A customizable patient folder accompanies the couple through the lengthy and complex processes of a reproductive medical treatment. It serves an introduction about reasons and problems of infertility, information about routine examinations and methods of reproductive medicine


At some point in their lifetime people when they are in a relationship will have the strong desire to conceive a child. The reproductive will is one of the basic needs of humans. If a couple has fertility problems can cause psycological stress. However infertility is becoming an increasing problem for modern industrialized countries. 
        Understanding what defines normal fertility is crucial to helping people know when it is time to seek help. Most couples achieve pregnancy within one year of trying. If conception has not occurred within 12 months, some people seek help of a reproductive medician. Different causes for infertility leads to an individual treatment.   


The goal was to create a communication base between the doctor and his patients and to offer space for notes and personal documents. Giving the couple an individual compagnion a Health Cre service was built. The structure of the folder is based on the treatment process. To make information more tangible and manageable, it comes in small and individual portions. A graphic system supports this idea and creates a visual identity.

How can we create an individual health service?



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