Project__ Information Design | SS–2014
Team__ Samet Bulut, Ivana Melillo, Lea Schwegler
Consulting__ Prof. Günther Biste
University__ HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Tags__ Information Graphics, Storytelling

Life without sun: Deep Sea

Knowledge transfer generally serves to illustrate abstract data or relationships in a graphic, tangible form. The deep sea is an area hardly explored so far. As an extreme habitat it is presented in a book and transmedia concept.

The researched and generated contents are brought into a suitable narrative structure. It follows the concept: from the big picture down to the last detail: from the surface of the water to the depths. Starting with location and formation to the ecosystem, the reader later dives into information about unkown creatures, their need for adaption and the endangerment of the habitat.

There is a silence where hath been no sound,
There is a silence where no sound may be,
In the cold grave — under the deep, deep sea,
Or in wide desert where no life is found,
Which hath been mute, and still must sleep profound.

Thomas Hood

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