Project__Masterthesis | SS–2018
Anna Foltinek, Josephine Rais, Lea Schwegler
Voice Over__Mar Anderson
Consulting__Benedikt Groß, Prof. habil. Georg Kneer
University__HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Tags__Design Research, Strategy, Workshop, Talk

Cyborg-Centered Design

Cyborg-Centered Design describes a design process in which the cyborg is at the center. The approach is based on the insight that the relationship between human and technology changes: technology becomes part of human identity and individuality. Technology is used in order to expand human capabilities. Due to the rapid technological progress computing gets closer to the human body. Nanotech, Neurotech, Biotech and Artificial Intelligence bring Tech to the point of invisibility: the boundary between human and machine blurs.

Design can function as link in the process of cyborgisation. The project goal was the call on designers to deal with the topic and become part of the debate. The thesis is divided into three parts: Enlightenment, Inspiration and Guide. An animated movie about definitions, status quo and progress of technological developments as well as ethical requirements serves as introduction of the topic.


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